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Registry Cleaner Technology explained.

RCT Summary

Hopefully, this site has given you some idea about what a registry cleaner is, and how a popular one like DoubleMySpeed works.

DoubleMySpeed did not pay this site to write our review, it is simply that - a review of DoubleMySpeed.

Overall, it is a Registry Cleaner that installs easily, and as a Ďfree trialí it provides a scan of your windows registry looking for easy to fix items and malware embedded in the registry.

Once it has found the issues, it takes you to a browser page, so you can buy the software for a reasonable price. Note that the price includes 1 year service that also includes a 24/7 computer help line - which could be a great value if you donít have much in the way of computer skills.

Once purchased, DoubleMySpeed cleaned the registry, and all though small, the system seemed to function a little faster and smoother.

The installation process installs 6 files, all with known functions - and the software uninstalled completely with out any problem.

DoubleMySpeed is a Registry Cleaner whose target demographic is people who donít have a lot of computer skills, but want to keep their system running smoothly and wants a 24/7 computer help service as well.

Taken in that context, DoubleMySpeed is a good package.

The Future

If you read my About page, then you know that this is my first HTML site, and I will be adding the same kind of test and review of other Registry Cleaners in the near future.

Note: I donít make money from this site. All links are direct and have no-tracking numbers. This is an informational site, a on-going learning experience for myself and I hope others.

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