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Registry Cleaner Technology explained.

A simple guy from Cali

I am Robert Johnson, and I have worked for many years at a large medical claims company as a project manager. Occasionally my projects have involved working closely with the IT department and have become a computer hobbyist of some sort.

I am learning HTML and website technology, and so this is my first ‘real’ website project. I took a simple subject that I had been curious about, and studied it and put my observations and results up as this site.

I know it ain’t hip, cool and modern, but what do you want from my first site?!?! Obviously, this will be a work in time, and I will be adding and changing it as I learn more.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope the information presented is of some value to you.


Robert Johnson

Registry Cleaner Technology explained.

RCT's Home page to read more about what are Registry Cleaners.

Facts & Myths discuss what Registry Cleaners really can do.

The Install page shows the installation of a 'free trial' Registry Cleaner.

Application page has the screen shots of a Registry Cleaner - cleaning.

The Summary page has the summary of the site and testing.