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Registry Cleaner Technology explained.

What is a Registry Cleaner??

To answer the question of what is a Registry Cleaner, we have to begin at the...well... er... the beginning. First - a Registry Cleaner is a Windows PC program that ‘cleans’ the registry that the Windows Operating System (OS) uses. These programs are run because as the Windows Registry becomes ‘dirty’ or corrupted, the users Windows OS may run slower.

So, what is a Windows Registry?

In basic terms, the Windows Registry is a simple that holds all the configuration, settings and options that the Windows OS needs to run correctly. When you install Windows, all the options and basic setting are stored in the ‘virgin’ registry. After Windows installation, you start installing programs and drivers for things like printers, games, music and the such - and all those programs add their settings, locations, drivers, services and user selected options. The more you install and configure Windows, the larger the Windows Registry becomes since it needs to store all those settings.

Microsoft Windows Registry Definition:


Why do you need to clean the Windows Registry?

Now, the Windows Registry changes almost every time you use Windows, this is because you are changing settings and installing programs all the time, even if all you do is just use the internet. Viruses and spyware will write things to the registry, as do automatic updates and browser configuration changes. Since the Registry is a simple database, it is easy for data to be left when it shouldn’t be or duplicated. Also, a program can change the registry in a way that it creates a problem or a conflict with other programs settings.

It is because of these errors and redundant data that over time, Windows can start taking longer to do things. Registry Cleaners were developed to not only correct errors, but also to tune the registry for optimum speed. That is why popular Registry Cleaners have names like DoubleMySpeed, which is advertised on TV and radio as helping to make your computer faster.

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